If you would flag a user for having an inappropriate display

professional chat room names

Immature? Absolutely. Most terrible thing ever in the world? Nope. Every community has a culture, and subcultures within. If you coming into a community such as this (broadly, computer science nerds and specifically SO chat), I don think it is helpful to show up with your own canada goose factory outlet set of values and get offended when the community doesn mirror them exactly.

Chris Baker

(you’ll notice I didn’t answer the two parter in the original question, that’s because everything that follows addresses the first part, and I don’t know the answer to the second)

Stack Overflow’s content policies

Not that you people are babies and need to be reminded canada goose outlet sale of such banal trivia from time to time, but from the about page:

Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers.

Based on that I think we can pretty much assume that uk canada goose outlet content on our site needs to be reasonably professional, or at the very least, safe for work, since a large portion of its userbase is likely to canada goose outlet parka use it at work, including Stack Overflow chat.

See also the terms of service.

What that has got to do with chat

Stack Canada Goose sale Overflow chat is part of Stack Overflow. It’s even in the domain. But if you want to get really technical, there is a link to the ToS in the footer on canada goose uk black friday every page load, even in the chat subdomain. It’s the same one canada goose store that applies to Q proper, not just on SO, but on every other site on the network.

So, I think we can all conclude that chat is bound by the same terms and conditions as Q proper. While of course the legal terms don’t stipulate what sort of atmosphere an online community is supposed to carry, at the very least they imply a general policy or guideline that content should be safe for work, even though chat conversations tend to be less formal and not always on topic all of the time.

In fact, even if the whole point of the Lounge is simply to be a place for people who just happen to have met with the unfortunate fate of having to work with C++ to cry about how abominable the language is and how they need a better job and a spouse and a dog Canada Goose Outlet and a cat and a car and a chainsaw, personally I Canada Goose Jackets think that’s OK, as long as nobody is using canada goose outlet it for harassment or witch hunting or online dating or posting explicit imagery or some canada goose outlet store such. I for one don’t really know why the hell I go to the Lounge when I don’t even use C++, but folks like that guy Mysticial seem to like me, so.

I’m going to agree with Lightness Races in Orbit as well as the OP that a name that refers to genitalia or any other. sensitive term, is not OK. If you would flag a user for having an inappropriate display name, there’s no reason to treat a room name any differently.

If you didn’t realize that chat rooms weren’t being periodically goose buy canada goose jacket outlet canada advertised on Q proper, that’s fine, but it doesn’t make the room name any less inappropriate. A room name is just as public as a user’s display name, even if Q didn’t periodically display widgets linking to chat rooms, because, FYI, chat has its own front page too.

Everyone else including management and a few Loungers thinks that name is not OK and the room should never have had that name, because Stack Overflow is a professional site and people need to maintain some self respect or whatever.

The people who don’t agree think that the rules about professionalism and SFWness don’t apply to chat, either because it isn’t part of Q proper, or because the whole point of chat was to get away from https://www.foekjedillema.nl the professional environment and therefore anything goes.

Personally I think it’s sort of like lunch breaks at work. You’re not technically in the office, you can spend the time however you like, you can talk about anything you like, you can call one another idiots (let’s face it, you guys were being complete idiots today), but you’re still expected to conduct yourselves like decent human beings and not unruly little shits to hell with the system (did I say little shits? I’m sorry).

I don’t know about anywhere else, but on Stack Overflow, there is a line to be drawn on what sort of stuff is appropriate, and that line was cruised over by a mile and a half. I do enjoy, and learn from, the tech. C++ threads in the Lounge, (yes, they do happen:). I like the mix of tech. and threads re. pizza toppings. Despite the occasional OTT deviations canada goose outlet in usa from what might be considered discourse I m not convinced that it would be an advantage to canada goose outlet SO as a whole to freely open the doors of the current Lounge to vampires and dumpers from PHP, Android etc. There are enough as it is. uk canada goose Nothing to stop someone opening a should they wish.

Martin James

May 17 ’14 at 7:43

While I think our society has a problem with over eagerly labeling things anti woman, I don’t think this is a case of that. Assuming that every person you interact with on here is a guy is one thing it’s canada goose outlet online perhaps born of experience (never meeting a female programmer), and not of malice toward women. The issue canada goose outlet new york city at hand (especially the defense) is problematic, though, for several reasons:

1) It is anti woman While one’s conscious thought might not be “I’m going to do this because I don’t like women”, creating a room with such a name and then defending it communicates that stronger than the explicit thought could.

2) It is off off off off topic Even setting aside the potentially subjective space of “professionalism”, this website has a purpose. If your purpose is to make potentially offensive jokes (even on a small scale like this), perhaps you should head someplace else when you’re of that mind. Perhaps we can’t fault you for trying, but if you run up against the wall of everyone else’s opinion, it’s hard to argue that such things should canada goose outlet uk rightfully remain here.

3) It reflects poorly on the site Stackoverflow canada goose outlet shop is consistently in the top results when I search for answers to a programming problem. It is entirely possible that a new programmer (or one new to Stackoverflow) will find SO through google. Like it or not, anything that happens on this domain contributes to or detracts from SO’s reputation.

1 for point 1, +1 for points 2 and 3 (which are absolutely correct), and canada goose outlet reviews for 4 (which is utterly nonsensical, so far as I can tell). You also being more than a little bigoted in going so far as to accuse people of never having met a female programmer, based solely of your personal view on what would and would not be offensive to any particular hypothetical female programmer. Perhaps you only ever met female programmers who are massively over sensitive.

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