He did imply in his last entries that he might have others

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As a woman, I understand Ms. Hawkins’ frustration. Instead of being judged on our merits or our intellectual or athletic ability alone, our physical appearance is also often times picked apart and talked about almost as much, if not more, than our abilities.

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And the new Pixel phones have a special shortcut called Active

Conversely, it has been suggested by Fillmore (1968)[7] that in the case of sentences following the structure of the above examples, the noun phrases are not assigned multiple case roles, but instead retain the same case roles in both sentences (‘instrument’ for paint, and ‘location’ for wall). The difference in meaning, then, is attributed to a transformation that takes both identical deep structures and chooses the direct object as it appears in the surface form.[7] This allows for the basic similarity in the sentence pairs, as the event taking place within them is essentially the same. What differs is the surface structure’s semantic meaning, which while related to the case role of the noun phrases, can be proven as a result of a transformation that occurred between the deep structure and surface structure..

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is unhinged,” blasted rival Republican presidential hopeful

Blacks speak out against racism of Trump

When dozens of black ministers met with controversial tycoon and leading Republican candidate Donald Trump last week a group the Trump campaign expected a collective endorsement from rhetorical alarm bells went off throughout the African American community.

Bishop Sir Walter Mack, a black minister in Winston Salem, wrote to The Chronicle in a Letter to the Editor: “Preachers, let’s look buy canada goose jacket out for the people we serve and not ourselves. Trump has publicly disrespected every minority group from Latinos to those with special needs, to the Black Lives Matter movement.”

“Mr. “Most recently, he admitted his supporters were justified for punching and kicking a black protester who had attended a Trump rally with the intent to remind the crowd that “Black Lives Matter.” Trump followed this action by tweeting inaccurate statistics about crime prevalence rates in canada goose outlet online black canada goose uk shop communities insinuating that Black people canada goose outlet nyc are more violent than other groups.”

“Trump’s racially inaccurate, insensitive and incendiary rhetoric should give those charged with the care of the spirits and souls canada goose outlet sale of black people canada goose outlet great pause,” the open letter continued.

While a few conservative ministers indeed exited that meeting with Trump Nov. 30 singing his praises, there was no collective endorsement. “That’s when his staff interrupted and said, ‘Why should he,’ why this, why that. He let canada goose outlet his people answer for him. He didn’t seem to mind that.”

Ever the spin meister, Trump told the press after the black ministers meeting that there was “great uk canada goose love” in the room, and he’ll continue to canada goose black friday sale talk tough because that’s what has sustained him at the top of GOP presidential candidate polls since the summer.

Indeed, instead of softening his hard right tone or apologizing for his over the top statements, Trump has doubled down on his divisive rhetoric to the delight of predominately white, right wing audiences at his many rallies throughout the early 2016 primary states, and the South.

Last Friday evening, Trump appeared at buy canada goose jacket cheap Raleigh’s Dorton Arena, and while he filled the horse show headquarters with a capacity 8,000 crowd, there were also protesters both out outside the facility, and inside. canada goose jacket outlet The demonstrators inside interrupted Trump’s canada goose outlet toronto factory 45 minute address at least ten canadian goose jacket times, forcing law enforcement to remove at least 25 protesters.

This week, Trump caused universal outrage when he said he wanted “a complete and total shutdown” of Muslims coming to the United States until canada goose outlet new york city national leaders “get a handle” on terrorism. Even members of the Republican Party, embarrassed that Trump’s lead is growing in most major GOP polls, excoriated Trump for being divisive, if not racist.

is sheer ignorance that he is putting out,” said Bishop Todd Fulton, president of the Ministers’ Conference of Winston Salem and Vicinity, on Tuesday. “He is creating more racism throughout the country and the world. Although the Ministers’ Conference does not plan to hold a rally against Trump canada goose clearance because he hasn planned to visit Winston Salem, the conference will educate the community on how Trump is dividing the nation in the coming months as well as protest the ministers who support Trump. is unhinged,” blasted rival Republican presidential hopeful Jeb Bush. Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina called Trump a “racebaiter” on CNN. Justice Department investigation for discriminating against blacks trying to rent apartments in his buildings. Trump later settled that case. police had framed the five black teenagers for the crime they didn’t commit.

And of course, several years ago Trump challenged President Obama to prove that he wasn’t born in Kenya, charging that the president’s birth certificate was official canada goose outlet a fraud, he was not an American citizen and Obama was not worthy of the office. The president responded by getting the original birth document from Hawaii, where he was born, and called Trump a “carnival barker” in the process.

It is no secret that the Republican establishment can’t stand Trump, and would like cheap canada goose to derail his candidacy if it could. Trump is averaging 24 percent of GOP voters polled, consistently leading establishment candidates like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, Sen. Marco Rubio and New Jersey Gov. canada goose outlet store Chris Christie.

Here in North Carolina, where Republicans hope to tighten their grip on majorities in the state Legislature and congressional delegation, as well as the Governor’s Mansion, there is concern that if Trump remains popular and seemingly invincible going into the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primaries come January, he could possibly sweep the South straight through to North Carolina’s primary on March 15.

Trump is very popular with Southern whites, given his distinctly blue collar blunt way of assuring that he’ll defeat ISIS, improve the economy and return America to “winning.”

Establishment Republicans don’t want an canada goose outlet online uk uncontrollable presidential nominee going into the November 2016 fall elections, but more importantly, they’re deeply concerned that Trump is so polarizing, his very presence on the top of the ticket could hurt down ballot statewide and local GOP candidates, especially if the Democratic presidential nominee is Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton is currently polling very strong with African Americans nationally, and especially in the South, though not nearly as strong as President Obama did when he first ran in 2008. Still, part of the Trump and the GOP strategy is to start early in softening Clinton’s massive black support (her Democratic opponent, Sen. Bernie Sanders, is only polling in single digits in the black community).

Trump’s motive is obvious he doesn’t want to be branded an out and out racist because then he can’t expand his support base if he wins GOP nomination. Secretary of State for alleged failures in American foreign policy.

Either way, observers say expect Donald Trump to make more overtures to conservative and Republican black leaders, especially when his campaign continues to focus on Southern primary states like South Carolina and North Carolina.

Trump’s goal to https://www.doloresnet.com create as much confusion as possible in the black community so that he can grab more black support than any other GOP candidate.

According canada goose outlet uk to Trump, if he could do that, it would make his campaign “huge.”

The Chronicle contributed to this report.

Interim Superintendent Kenneth Simington Addresses School Threats Guns on Campus

Interim Superintendent Kenneth Simington Addresses School Threats Guns on Campus.

Carolina Panthers invest in local Canada Goose Jackets communities

The Carolina Panthers have begun a new community service initiative in several communities throughout North and South Carolina. Their “Keep Pounding Day” was introduced in Winston Salem at Quarry Park on Wednesday, May 1.