Respect, respect,” his voice could be heard echoing from the

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After Manchester United were hammered 3 canada goose canada goose coats outlet toronto factory 0 at Old Trafford by Mauricio Pochettino’s blistering Tottenham side, the 55 year old “Special One” finds himself as the bookies’ favorite to be the first canada goose uk black friday manager cheap canada goose sacked this season.

In Monday’s post match media conference, the Portuguese manager was again unhappy with the line of questioning from reporters, going on another memorable rant as he demanded more “respect.”

“We lost last season here against Sevilla and were booed because canada goose canada goose outlet black friday sale we deserved it, because canada goose outlet store we were canada goose outlet black friday not good,” canada goose outlet store uk he said, referring to last season’s Champions League round of 16 exit.

READ: Jose Mourinho will have a ‘game plan to push for the title,’ says Rooney

READ: Jose Mourinho baffled by criticism of Manchester United team

“Because we were not dangerous enough, because Sevilla deserved to win the match. We were booed and deservedly.

“Today canada goose outlet jackets the players left the pitch after losing at home and they were applauded because they deserved canada goose outlet sale it. So you keep trying and keep trying and keep trying.”

United were arguably the better team against Spurs in the Canada Goose Coats On Sale first half, but fell apart defensively after Harry Kane gave the visitors the lead.

Mourinho has been unhappy with certain reports in the media, claiming they are Canada Goose online too critical of his side which finished second last season, only behind runaway champions Manchester City.

Following that defeat to Sevilla, Mourinho went canada goose store on his now infamous 12 minute “football heritage” rant and his bad mood from last season has seemingly carried canada goose outlet online over into the new campaign.

United’s poor start leaves them sitting in 13th place in the table after two defeats and a solitary victory on the opening day of the season against Leicester.

With just three games played, United already find themselves six points behind Liverpool and local rivals Manchester City.

When a journalist tried to interject on Monday, Mourinho said: “Just to finish, do you know what the result was? Three nil.

“Do you know what this means,”? he asked the room, holding up three fingers. “Three nil but it also means three Premier Leagues, and I won more alone than the other 19 managers together.

“Three canada goose outlet canada goose uk shop canada for me and two for them,” he said, referencing Pep Guardiola and Manuel goose outlet canada Pellegrini’s English top flight titles.

“Respect. Respect. Respect, official canada goose canada goose canada goose uk outlet outlet man. Respect, respect,” his voice could be heard echoing from the corridor.

United legend Wayne Rooney, who played under Mourinho when he won the Europa League and League Cup in 2017, recently came to his former manager’s defense.

“Mourinho knows what he’s doing and knows how to win titles,” Rooney told CNN. “I’m sure with the quality of players he will have a game plan to push for the title.”.

He envisages a day when the United States may become a “net

Especially in Indonesia. Every fall, everyone from small farmers to big companies there set fires to clear land for palm oil production. It’s always a problem. There is, in fact, something curious about the makeup of the two time Super Bowl squad from the Pacific Northwest. Among their starters are exactly three first round draft picks: offensive tackle Russell Okung, safety Earl Thomas and defensive end Bruce Irvin. The ‘Hawks, moreover, haven’t had a first rounder in the last three drafts and their roster features 25 cheap canada goose undrafted free agents..

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