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The other violation was questioning the integrity of the umpire, it wasn just about her unpleasant behaviour. Umpires tolerate unpleasant behavior from players to a certain extent but I never seen a player question an umpires integrity and not get penalised, serena was in clear violation of the verbal abuse code in tennis an was rightfully punished. If this was kyrgios or even nadal or federer we would not be having this debate, serena spun this to seem like it was about gender but it wasn this was a situation where a player clearly violated multiple codes of conduct and was rightfully penalised.

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When I first moved to Asheville in 1987, the rent on my apartment off Biltmore Ave in Kenilworth was $190 a month, gas included. Obviously housing is at the heart of the course Asheville wants to chart. Low paying jobs, overpriced real estate that pretty much determines who wil be populating your city.

Homogeneity is the death of ideas and if you only listen to people who are just like you, your mind will stagnate. I once had a fellow intern scoff at the idea that he stay for the woman open mic, Open Michelle, at UCB. I want to watch women telling jokes, he said.

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